HackerNews: With Privacy!*

😕 What is this?

This is yet another HackerNews reader with a difference! It captures the screenshot of the submitted articles and lets you read (or rather, view) them.

🤷 Why is it a big deal?

This may not be a big deal for you, actually the project was started to solve a very specific problem of mine, to be able to read HackerNews offline - and that was indeed a big deal for me!

🤯 How am I gonna use this offline?

Simply tap on the OFFLINE tab on the top while you are on a wifi (warning! downloads about 90 images) and you are good to go with reading top articles on each categories offline 🚉.

💪 What's the advantage of screenshots?

💩 When does it suck?

This sucks big times on some cases, mostly when the site is not static or not designed to have any meaning when screenshotted.

🎉 What was the story behind it?

I spend a lot of time travelling on London Underground daily. Those are the unproductive time of my day. On the other hand, HackerNews contains so many useful articles to read, I needed to find a way to read them on my commute.

I wasn't happy with just reading the text of the articles as offered by other offline HackerNews reader at that time. I needed to able to read the article as is, as the writer wanted to present. Screenshot solves most of the problem, of course when it works!

* not to annoy privacy purists! you are indeed avoiding lots of trackers by reading from the image/screenshot rather than visiting those sites. While a lot of care has been taken to reduce linking third-party content, but this site also consumes content from a few other sites that may track you like cloudflare, imgur etc. This site uses a self hosted instance of Fathom analytics to collect basic, privacy focused analytics.

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